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Supporting network connection, Milesight keyboard is a truly convenient tool to control up to 110 devices including Milesight Network Camera and Network Video Recorder. For the keyboard, built-in Web Server can support the use of browser to easily manage it. Also, a LCD screen on the operation panel is easy to display operations. Besides, the keyboard boasts the shortcut keys for PTZ control, NVR control and light control operation, offering better user experience.

Key Features

  • Support Network connection,which is a truly convenient way for easy connection and control of Milesight NVR and PTZ camera
  • Built-in Web Server can support the use of browser to easily manage and maintain the keyboard
  • Support 4-axis variable speed joystick
  • Designed with a LCD screen on operation panel, it is easy to display operations
  • Support to control up to 110 devices
  • Shortcut keys for PTZ control, such as preset, patrol and pattern
  • Shortcut keys for NVR control, such as record, snapshot and audio operation
  • Shortcut keys for wiper and light control operation
  • Easy to operate, stable performance

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